Thursday, 1 August 2013

Working at Troll Inc

I have been working at Troll inc now for 4 Weeks, so far its been really fun and enjoyable. my job title is as a Junior Programmer within the company and have been working mainly with the Unity3D engine. Over the last few weeks I have been testing, removing bugs and improving gameplay of a game to be released early next year. Its only a small project, but I have learnt so much already. I was thrown in the deep end from the beginning, but from then it has been an upward struggle and now I feel more comfortable and inspired than ever to start working independently and on my final year project...

I have a few final year project ideas (which I will not write about here, unless I dismiss them)

Beta Testers
Troll inc have just started accepting emails for people to be in a beta testing group, and I would be grateful if you could sign up and help us make the game great. The game is in an early stage at the moment, and with the interest and views of other people, we can make the game great.

Frozen Fishy out