Thursday, 31 January 2013

What type of games do I play?

There are many different genres of games available, from action to sports and casual to hardcore, the spectrum has a game for everyone. So what games do I enjoy playing? There is one simple answer to this question...

Almost all games...
I write almost because I find that sport games do not offer a great single player experience and community is a key feature, and some lack respect towards new players and do not welcome them to the game(I am aware that trash talk is integral to online play).
For console gaming I find that I mainly play FPSs, Driving games or platformers. Of these genres, I am always attracted towards platformers as they have a basic structure, easy to get the basics figured out, buy hard to master. That is why games really appeal to me, everyone can pick up a controller and play a game, but it takes dedication and time to master it and be their best.
Of the genres my least experience within the field would be RTSs, as I have not played a wide variety of these games.

Whilst on the topic...
I will mention things I will cover at a later point about my opinions on gaming. I will talk about whether i prefer console gaming or PC gaming, and my favourite console and handheld portable device for both games available, the hardware and the memories with those devices.

Frozen Fishy out.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Why ‘Quest For Code’?

Everyone has been asked what their dream job would be at some point in their life... but even though I have not been asked that for over ten years now, it was 3 years ago when I finally found the answer. I wanted to work in the game industry, but where would I fit in, even though I have a fascination and with 3D modelling, I never felt this would be the job for me, I wanted more and to define a game. And so I decided to go down the programming route, I wouldn't blame you if it came into your mind that this is why I call this blog ‘Quest For Code’, but that is not the full reason.

Back to the topic of my dream job, OK, you know I want to be a programmer (I will specify in more detail in a later post), I would love to be part of a big company producing AAA titles on a regular basis and there is one that has always stood out to me. With games like; micro machines, Operation Flashpoint and Colin McRae DiRT, Codemasters is where I want to be. This company has always amazed me with their in depth attention to detail and ability to keep great gameplay in all their games.

I remember playing micro machines on the Game Boy, racing around the table dodging everything from plates, to knives to spilled food, although I was never really very good at the game, I still came back to it and always remember it. The DiRT series will always be a big part of my gaming experience, as long as there is a road waiting for me to charge down at breakneck speeds or crash in many spectacular ways, and all this just a few minutes away, I will be there.

So…. There it is, ‘Quest For Code’, is the journey that I will take to go from university student to working at Codemasters (my ultimate goal) and the challenges I am faced with and the jobs I go through on the way. I decided as this is a blog primarily about gaming, that I will make it my personal quest to get there.

Things I will talk about in upcoming posts
The type of programming I am interested in
Why I call myself Frozen Fishy

Frozen Fishy out.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

So....How do I start this blog thing?

OK, lets start with a bit about myself(I guess that's a good place to start), I am currently a 2nd year student at University of Ulster doing BEng Computer Games Development, and am on my 'Quest For Code' (which I will explain the name of at a later date).
Games always have been and always will be an integral part of my life. I remember clearly playing Super Mario Land on the Game Boy and Rayman on the Playstation at a young age. Since then I have been hooked on all things console. If there is a spare minute in my day I will be playing a game, whether turn on my Xbox and play for hours, or just play some Tetris, the enjoyment will always be there.
It was 3 years ago that I had started my A Levels and was time to choose a career path, and so I decided why not turn a lifelong hobby into a job, and so the Journey begun.......
(Wow that was really cheesy)

Current Update
I am working towards my degree, in search for placement for my 3rd year and will be developing my programming skills in C++ and Unity3D.
In this blog I will update on how my 'Quest For Code' is going and will post on games that I am playing and remember fondly. Most of which will be console games as I have little experience in the android/iOS field as I have never owned one of these products.

So lets start this thing with a basic to do list
To Do List
Buy an Android/iOS tablet.

Frozen Fishy out.