Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Why ‘Quest For Code’?

Everyone has been asked what their dream job would be at some point in their life... but even though I have not been asked that for over ten years now, it was 3 years ago when I finally found the answer. I wanted to work in the game industry, but where would I fit in, even though I have a fascination and with 3D modelling, I never felt this would be the job for me, I wanted more and to define a game. And so I decided to go down the programming route, I wouldn't blame you if it came into your mind that this is why I call this blog ‘Quest For Code’, but that is not the full reason.

Back to the topic of my dream job, OK, you know I want to be a programmer (I will specify in more detail in a later post), I would love to be part of a big company producing AAA titles on a regular basis and there is one that has always stood out to me. With games like; micro machines, Operation Flashpoint and Colin McRae DiRT, Codemasters is where I want to be. This company has always amazed me with their in depth attention to detail and ability to keep great gameplay in all their games.

I remember playing micro machines on the Game Boy, racing around the table dodging everything from plates, to knives to spilled food, although I was never really very good at the game, I still came back to it and always remember it. The DiRT series will always be a big part of my gaming experience, as long as there is a road waiting for me to charge down at breakneck speeds or crash in many spectacular ways, and all this just a few minutes away, I will be there.

So…. There it is, ‘Quest For Code’, is the journey that I will take to go from university student to working at Codemasters (my ultimate goal) and the challenges I am faced with and the jobs I go through on the way. I decided as this is a blog primarily about gaming, that I will make it my personal quest to get there.

Things I will talk about in upcoming posts
The type of programming I am interested in
Why I call myself Frozen Fishy

Frozen Fishy out.

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