Sunday, 3 February 2013

My 2012

2012 was my first year at university, so my first year of living away from home, all was good except for one thing. Internet speeds in university accommodation were absolutely useless, and they did not allow for steam or Xbox Live to be played, meaning the online game aspect of my life had to wait until the holidays.
On the good side of the year I went to my first gaming expo, first to Rezzed Indie Game Expo situated in Brighton where I fell in love with Qube and spent a good 3 hours of the day playing. Then in September I attended my first Eurogamer Expo going two days (Thursday and Friday) and enjoyed every moment of it and am expecting to go for the full 4 day weekend in 2013.
At Eurogamer I witnessed and experienced the Vesaro Racing Simulation Rig, which to say the least was amazing, and backed by Grid 2 (Game by Codemasters) it was a great experience that I would love to repeat but I don't have that kind of money.

In General 2012 was a good year for games and the start of me going to many expos in the future, maybe one year I will attend E3... Well there is always hope!

Frozen Fishy out.

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