Saturday, 2 February 2013

My Games of 2012

Well ok, its February now, and the list of games from 2012 that were good has been passed by many people, I still find it an interesting topic to talk about. This will be my first of many game related posts so i thought I would go for a basic topic, this will cover the games I loved and the games which surprised me.

Games I loved...
Lego Lord of the Rings was amazing, as with any lego game you play, with a silly sense of humour the game can be played very casually and is a good break from the other games available. This was the first lego game that i played where the characters could speak, and I do not feel it took anything away, more improved it. The only let down for this game was the achievement system where the second player would not get the story achievements as they used to, I believe that by doing this Tt games could deter a second player from participating, which is one of the great aspects of the game.
Trials Evolution the return of the trials games from RedLynx was very successful and made a huge improvement on already a great game, this game showed us that by giving the players access to the full creator mode, they can make masterpieces artistically and in gameplay, making the game never get old and boring, this is helped by the fact that there have been 2 DLCs for the game which will keep bringing the players back and keeping the game fresh.
Minecraft deserves a place on this list, even though many people would have picked this one, it is still a great game, and even though I played on the PC for a year by the point it came out, the release still got me excited and wanting to play. When Minecraft was first released, it was only the basic edition with none of the updates that the PC version had at the time, this made the Xbox version not seem new, but allowed me to enjoy playing as there was no need to worry about food.
Halo 4 was as much as expected, but still the expectations were fulfilled, making it a great game. With fantastic online play and cooperative campaign, it will always offer something to every player. And with the addition of Spartan Ops, they added a new side to the game, a campaign style mission where new episodes come out after release of the game, making sure to keep people playing. The aspect of releasing content soon after release of a game, can be taken negatively, but it is free so all is good.

Games that Surprised me...
There is one big surprise I want to mention
Spec Ops: The Line, I remember seeing the trailer to this game a couple of years ago at the VGAs, but then never seemed to be released, so it dropped off my radar of games to look out for, but after attending Rezzed Indie Game Expo, I was reassured with it being released, but the gameplay looked a bit linear. I received this game a couple of months ago, and was blown away by the story, the gameplay is traditional 3rd Person Shooter, so nothing new there. But the story, is really interesting, the first game I have played that got me really thinking about what I am doing and whether it is 'right'. I would reccommend this game to someone looking for a nice game with an in depth story to back it up.

Frozen Fishy out.

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