Friday, 22 February 2013

Physical or Digital games

Many people have different ideas about whether we will only have digital games in the future, with the ability to stream games online and no longer the need to leave the house or order online and wait to play the game. The only thing limiting how long to wait for you to play after purchase is your download speed, digital seems to be the way forward for a lot of people.

Although, there will always be the nostalgia and memories of receiving a box, with a manual and a physical disc. And the collection of games that you gather over time, filling shelves, boxes and more shelves with games.  For me, just seeing a list of the games that I own is not good enough, there will be no sense of how much and how vast the collection is.

A lot of high street stores are closing down as a result of new ways to get games, but this is not just because people are downloading games on their consoles or PCs, but because of online retailers, that means that anyone can order a game/product in the comfort of their own home and wait for it to come to them. This is all good, although, you do not have the same experience of walking through the shop at new releases and looking at the back of the boxes, testing the game on show and the whole experience of buying in store.

I am all for digital downloads, but I don’t want to see a world with only digital downloads available, as with the music industry at the moment, with iTunes taking a lot of the sales for artists, there is still music being produced on CD for people who prefer their music in this form.

Frozen Fishy out.

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